The Carriage Works VRC 1000 sets the benchmark for quality and performance for the ultimate racing simulator experience. If you are looking for the best racing simulator seat you've come to the right place. Get your VRC 1000 today and start improving your lap times.

Games like rFactor and iRacing are fun to play racing simulators. However, if you are stuck using a keyboard or game controller to play these games or any other racing game your are limiting your fun and your experience. Racing simulator seats offer a full immersion into racing simulation games like never before. If you are wanting to improve lap times and increase the fun, while adding realism to your sim racing experience then the investment of a racing simulator seat will fix that. At racingsimulatorseats.com we offer one of the best racing simulator seats available today. The Carriage Works VRC 1000 is highly crafted and engineered to replicate the race car experience and feel. With it's real racing seat and seat slider comfort is no issue while your burning up the track. It's powder coated finish will last and look great for a long life of sim racing.

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